Information Technology Innovation Can Move the Jobs Needle

Our anemic economy needs meaningful job creation.  In the ‘90s Information Technology (IT) related innovations created many jobs and boosted productivity by 1-2%, enough to allow for good income growth.   In the 3rd quarter of 2011 income grew just 0.1%.   Within the next 5-10 years there are innovations whose total scale offers hope.  Some build-out […]

The Leadership, Focus, and Time For Recovery

The US GDP is growing too slowly to create enough jobs to tame 9.1 percent unemployment.  New business formations have traditionally been a major source of job creation, but since 2007 formations have been 20% below normal or 1.8 million jobs short of normal pace.  McKinsey estimates 21 million jobs need to be created by […]

Internet Regulations Will Be A Job Killer

With unemployment above 9%, we can’t afford to do anything that will have a detrimental effect on the economy.  On the contrary, we should be looking to anything that will help spur job growth and see us through our current economic malaise.  Any regulation imposed by a government bureaucracy is going to have a detrimental […]

Putting Some Real Fuel into the U.S. Jobs Market

As unemployment still hovers above 9 percent and with a meager 58,000 jobs added in September, now would be the time for President Obama to do whatever he can do to help propel job growth.  Rather than another jobs bill with billions in hidden immediate costs and decades of issues to come, there are tangible […]

It’s the Jobs, Stupid – Daley Speaks Out

Creating Jobs is the Real Challenge We are mired in a slow growth economy and hobbled by political inflexibility while 22 million American consumers look for a job.  Demand is slack and the Administration sprinkles regulatory “agent-orange” across markets where the private sector would normally invest in equipment and jobs.  Large and small firms are […]

Exclusive — Europe’s Role in Your 401(k) Slump

Europe is relevant to consumers tending a retirement account.  After wild 500-point Dow swings in early August, US Stock prices stabilized somewhat. We can attribute that to many reports of good earnings and a few large mergers.  Price levels are suppressed partly by the dismal US outlook and partly by fears of European Union troubles.  […]

US Economy Beginning to Slow … Again

The slow recovery is starting to take a turn for the worst.  The rate of growth in the economy slowed last quarter, and real hourly compensation fell by 2.6%.  The housing market and manufacturing statistics continue to reach to new lows.  Worries over the debt ceiling are threatening investor ratings for the US.   Today’s BLS […]

Employment: A New Report and Old Problems

Nonfarm U.S. payroll employment rose by 244,000 in April but there remain 13.7 million unemployed.  The unemployment rate rose from 8.8% to 9.0%, because the labor force increased.  Employment now stands 1.4 million jobs higher than this time last year, but on a base of almost 140 million employees, that’s just one percent – over […]

Consumer Spending Positive, but Job Picture Bleak — Unemployment Rises to 9.8%

A Washington Post article discusses the renewed strength of retail spending and housing data, citing the $1 billion of online sales during Cyber Monday.  However the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a conflicting picture. After resting at 9.6% for the previous three months, the unemployment rate rose in November to 9.8%, according to the BLS employment […]

Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 9.6%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released it employment report for October 2010.  The unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.6%.  Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 151,000 in October, which is good, but still below a normal expansion.  So far, 874,000 jobs have been added since last December.  The increases were in the services industry, as the manufacturing industry tended […]