Another Tax Subsidy for the Rich

On the surface, the concept of promoting rooftop solar energy, referred to as net metering, seems like a good idea, but a closer looks shows that it can produce many adverse consequences that lead to higher costs for consumers. Net Metering is a program that allows consumers to generate energy from rooftop solar panels for […]

Rooftop Rip-off: ACI in the Daily Caller

This blog, written by Zack Christenson and Steve Pociask of ACI, ran in today’s Daily Caller.  It discusses how a well-intentioned concept, encouraging solar energy use in consumer homes, has some unfortunate adverse consequences, because of poorly designed regulations and leasing scams.  To read or print the piece, visit the Daily Caller.

Market Flaws and Distortions in Competitive Electricity Markets

This is the first in a series of ConsumerGrams designed to discuss the serious challenges facing competitive electricity markets.  This first piece focuses on the problems confronting baseload power generation, including structural problems and market distortions that threaten grid reliability, energy security, and the nation’s climate change mitigation and environmental quality goals.  This ConsumerGram summarizes […]

Crude Exports Should Start Soon

If the subject were export of materials such as scrap iron, timber, iron ore or electric power, there would be no political backlash.  Indeed, improvements in our balance of payments and the creation of even a few jobs would be applauded.  But for crude oil exports, it’s different. A rational and public consideration of crude […]

Energy Storage – a Better Target

A recent CBS 60 Minutes segment called “Cleantech Crash” served an important purpose by reminding us of failures in government grant-making.  Even with plentiful funds, government often lacks the good judgment needed to pick winners over losers in commerce and science, especially if the topic is the ever-so-stylish “green energy.” 60 Minutes reviewed Solyndra, a […]

Slapping the Energy Industry

The Obama administration prosecuted Duke Energy leading to a $1 million fine for accidently killing 14 golden eagles over a two year period at two of its Wyoming wind farms.   Those “wind farms came on line before the Obama administration drafted voluntary guidelines encouraging wind energy companies to work with the Fish and Wildlife Service […]

Oil Despots versus a Blind EPA

America’s new found effectiveness in extracting oil and gas from underground deposits has boosted U.S. oil production from 5,077 thousand barrels per day in 2007 to 6,498 thousand barrels per day in 2012.  Further increases are feasible if prices continue covering production costs.  For decades, U.S. oil and gas consumption exceeded production and needed imports […]