Hill Congress Blog: Huawei is Embedded in Our Infrastructure and the Federal Government Subsidized It

After having allowed and even subsidized the purchase of Huawei and ZTE electronics for use in American infrastructure and communications networks, the U.S government, citizens and communications networks could be exposed to Chinese espionage and online vulnerabilities. It is now up to the government to undo the damage it facilitated. You can read this opinion […]

Wild West Days for Nation State Hackers

Nation state hackers have been very busy but rarely candid about their work.  State-controlled teams from many nations run intelligence gathering projects and sometimes plant SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) attacks against the physical infrastructure in rival nations.  The teams may be on the military payroll or be talented IT workers under contract to […]

Time for Action on Defending Trade Secrets

The proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act or DTSA (S.1890/H.R. 3326) will help protect America’s trade secrets by raising the financial and legal consequences applicable to theft of trade secrets. In some cases, DTSA would enable quick recovery of the stolen secrets, thereby preventing irreparable damage to the victims. Trade secrets “include any useful formula, plan, […]