The Rise of International Internet Regulations

Internet regulations are tightening into a chokehold for Internet service providers and edge providers.  To the delight of some, governments east of the Atlantic are regulating what content is permissible to store or display.  Regulations on the use of consumer information and on grades of access service have been tightened to the extent that they […]

Forbes: LinkedIn Deal Exposes Dominance in the CRM Market

This piece, written by Steve Pociask and available on Forbes, discusses Salesforces push for regulators to block Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn.  A look at the CRM (customer relationship management) market share figures, however, show that Salesforce in the dominant player in the market, which the merger will have not accretive affect on market concentration.

The European Union’s Antitrust Proceeding Against Google

The European Union (EU) has revealed at least two broad complaints against Google for abusing its market power.  A Google product called Search Sense runs search on third-party websites and presents the results to consumers.  In the first complaint, the EU says Google unfairly favored presenting its own adverts to consumers over presenting those of […]

Daily Caller: EU Doesn’t Hold Itself To Its Own Privacy Standards

The EU fired its privacy blunderbuss against Yahoo, Facebook and What’s App, but that gun fires both ways.  If and when the EU bothers to probe who actually is dropping the privacy balls, it will need a mirror and the full dossier on its own security agencies and success against hackers.  This piece, written by […]

Triggering Brexit and Slashing EU Regulations

In June 2016, British voters opted to sever the political ties and rule of laws set by the European Union (EU).  Voters chose that direction despite warnings the breakup could damage the British economy by making trade with the European Union’s single market more difficult.  The “Brexit” was to be engineered over a couple of […]

Privacy Shield – The New Safe Harbor for Assuring Privacy

The 28 EU states have approved “Privacy Shield,” a new version of the Safe Harbor agreement for transfer of individuals’ data between the US and the EU. That is good news. The earlier Safe Harbor agreement was stricken down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in a case where a European individual claimed that […]

Google in the EU Regulatory Crosshairs

Google dominates conventional search with 67% for PCs and 83% for mobile in the US.  Worldwide through its Android mobile operating system, it serves 80% of smartphones.  Google is newsworthy because of its scale and the business practices it uses to interact with consumers and businesses. Recently, Google earned media coverage due to allegations of […]

The Long Road to a European-US Privacy Shield

In a decision by the EU Court of Justice, the EU-US Safe Harbor arrangement for transmitting personal information was deemed to have inadequate privacy safeguards.  The decision arose from strong objections to the surveillance of European persons conducted by NSA.  Without an arrangement to provide sufficient privacy protection, digital commerce between North America and Europe […]

Daily Caller: New Security Laws with Built-in Conflicts

In the United States, three pieces of legislation set the stage for government and national security agencies to access and use private information stored in electronic media. In the United Kingdom, a bill would make national security access easier. The European Union’s new privacy law is set to replace the 28-nation hodgepodge of privacy and […]