Vacancy: A Visionary Leader for the Euro Zone

Conflict is chronic between the elite bureaucrats in Brussels and the voters in the Euro Union countries.  Brussels elites have been setting policy for bailouts, baroque regulations, and in effect, spending voters’ money.  Country leaders meekly offer their assent but avoid checking with voters.  Most voters resent the austerity adopted by the 17 Euro Zone […]

Lighting the Euro Zone’s Christmas Fuse

For those who value apolitical conversation starters for seasonal parties, we offer a few notes on the Euro Zone “mess” which may go pyrotechnic within a few months.   The Substance:   Twenty-six European Union (EU) members voted to balance their nations’ fiscal budget within 0.5%, enforced by EU-imposed penalties.  Today, all but 3 countries […]

Where are Greek and Other European Debt Problems Headed?

Greece has been in debt-default for 50% of the last 179 years.   Although its debt and low productivity grab headlines, its GDP of $305 billion is a small part of the European Union (EU) countries using the Euro.    Greece is headed for bankruptcy on its $500 billion in debt despite bailouts from the EU and […]