Real Clear Policy: Washington Shouldn’t Follow Europe’s Crackdown on Big Tech

When it comes to antitrust reforms, it should be abundantly clear that following Europe’s punitive, heavy-handed approach to antitrust will leave consumers with limited access to cheaper products, limited consumer access for small businesses, and a stagnant economy. For these reasons alone, lawmakers in Washington should not be looking to Brussels for guidance on future […]

EU Protectionism on the Rise

For two decades, Google has focused tightly on improving its prowess in Internet search.  It is very good at search, and while it dominates search (worldwide about 88%) it is not the only player.  Microsoft’s Bing (4.5%) also produces excellent results, along with other rivals Yahoo (4.3%) and Baidu (0.6%).  When consumers choose among these […]

Is the US Leading or Lagging in Broadband?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion on whether the United States is behind Europe in terms of high-speed Internet deployment and service adoption.  The story was once that the US was lagging behind and that network regulations, like the ones being put into place in Europe, were the answer.  With the passage of […]

The European Union of Economic Strife

The European Union (EU) is a large trading partner for the US and so the EU’s economic health matters to American consumers and workers.  We exchange goods and services from comparably skilled labor forces and from well-capitalized industries with comparable technology.  Our trade with the EU is not about offshoring jobs to subsistence-wage workers. While the […]

Burdens Felt From Offshore

Burdens Felt From Offshore The European Union (EU) stands in contrast to our recently buoyant US economy.  The US shows a healthy 236,000 jobs created, unemployment down to 7.7%, a 10-year T-bill near 2%, retail sales up by 1.1%, and we expect growth in the 1.5% range despite fiscal cliff injuries.  There are worries, but […]

ACI’s Christenson in the Daily Caller: Europe is Falling Behind the US in Broadband

Europe falling behind in broadband  There was a growing meme in some corners of the Internet and tech policy community that says the US is falling behind Europe when it comes to broadband deployment and implementation. One such indictment of America’s flailing broadband comes from Obama advisor and law professor Susan Crawford, who recently wrote a […]

Vacancy: A Visionary Leader for the Euro Zone

Conflict is chronic between the elite bureaucrats in Brussels and the voters in the Euro Union countries.  Brussels elites have been setting policy for bailouts, baroque regulations, and in effect, spending voters’ money.  Country leaders meekly offer their assent but avoid checking with voters.  Most voters resent the austerity adopted by the 17 Euro Zone […]

Update on the state of wireless competition in the U.S.

Joseph Fuhr and Steve Pociask’s latest article “Comparison of Structure, Conduct and Performance: U.S. versus Europe’s Wireless Markets,” is now available in the book “A collection of Essays on Infrastructure Versus Service-Based Competition: The Case of Mobile Telecommunications,” editors Laurent Benzoni and Patrice Geoffron with forward by Professor Martin Cave, Quantifica Publishing, Paris, 2008.