ACI Comments on Proposed Debit Card Routing and Regulations

Today, ACI filed comments with the Federal Reserve regarding its proposed changes to debit card interchange fees and routing options. ACI raised numerous concerns about the Federal Reserve proposal, including how the proposed changes would increase fraudulent debit transactions and reduce consumer benefits. The filed comments are available online.

Coaltion Letter to Congress: Stop the Fed’s RTP Takeover

ACI joined a coalition of 30 other nonprofit organizations in asking Congress to stop the Federal Reserve’s proposal to operate a real time payments system (RTP), which would make the Federal Reserve both the regulator and a competitor of private sector financial entities.  The letter was sent to Congress and is available online.

Looking for a Place to Park Your Nest Egg?

We used to think that when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, we would once again have a chance to invest our consumer nest eggs in low risk bonds that pay 4%-5%.  It may be a daydream.  Four upcoming changes in the financial market could hold rates down longer than we might expect.  Lurking on […]

The Fed, Government Debt, Pensions and Retirement Savings

In the depths of the great recession, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) chose to push interest rates down by buying massive amounts of Treasury notes and bonds.  That tactic was meant to stimulate private sector investment and invigorate demand for additional employees.  Unfortunately, holding interest rates very low for 6 years has starved pensions and […]

When Quantitative Easing Ends

On Jan 30, 2013 in a CNBC interview, 2013 Martin Feldstein noted that the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) program used to increase employment and economic growth has been holding 10-year T-Bill rates very low – then about 1.95%.   QE has also made mortgages cheaper than would otherwise be the case.  Indeed, new 30-year mortgages have […]