USPS Reports (Yet Again) More Staggering Financial Losses

Nearly a year into its supposed “Delivering for America” 10-year plan, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has showed little semblance of fiscal responsibility. But their financial turmoil continues, as the USPS just announced an astounding $1.3 billion in losses for the latest quarter. The agency continues to fall billions of dollars in the red […]

USPS’ Year-end Financials Signify the Greatest Challenge yet for its New Leadership

Today, the U.S. Postal Service issued its FY 2019 financial results – a report laden with distressing, yet unsurprising news. The USPS’s latest annual loss of $8.8 billion marks the federal agency’s largest since 2012 when its red ink grew by $15.9 billion. The USPS’ total losses since the current Postal Service law, the Postal […]

News Release: A Changing of the Guard for USPS Leadership Brings Hope for Resolving Fiscal Chaos

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has reported quarterly losses for over a decade and this past quarter appears to be no different. Today, USPS released its quarter three financials, losing $2.3 billion this past quarter and bringing the year’s total to $5.9 billion thus far. The induction of new leadership surrounding the agency will […]

ACI Reacts to Continued Fiscal Chaos at the U.S. Postal Service

Today, the U.S. Postal Service detailed a loss of $540 million in its financial report for the first quarter for the new fiscal year. Given the peculiar financial management path that the Postal Service has taken in recent years, The American Consumers Institute (ACI) is hardly surprised by the organization losing over $65 billion over […]

Forbes: A Failed Postal Mission

Today, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) released its financial report for the 2017 fiscal year in which its leadership detailed a greatly concerning loss of $2.7 billion. These results, while unsurprising, point to a critical need for USPS leaders, regulators and lawmakers to institute improved management practices for the agency that has suffered multi-billion losses […]

FORBES: After Losing Billions Again, Postal Service Needs A New Structure, Not Price Increases

Last week the U.S. Postal Service released is latest quarterly financial report, which detailed an immense loss of $2.1 billion. While the Postal Service’s downward financial spiral has clearly continued in unsurprising fashion, the report also reveals some emerging trends that are also worthy of further discussion and scrutiny. Most notably, the Postal Service’s favored […]