Financial Regulation Imperfections Are Worth Fixing

Among the early actions announced to reduce regulatory burdens is a theme that targets the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) enacted in July 2010. Dodd-Frank authorized federal agencies to institute extremely broad regulatory controls over banks, mortgage issuers, insurance companies, hedge funds, stock brokerages and financial advisors. The intent was to […]

Vacancy: A Visionary Leader for the Euro Zone

Conflict is chronic between the elite bureaucrats in Brussels and the voters in the Euro Union countries.  Brussels elites have been setting policy for bailouts, baroque regulations, and in effect, spending voters’ money.  Country leaders meekly offer their assent but avoid checking with voters.  Most voters resent the austerity adopted by the 17 Euro Zone […]

Will the Euro Zone Harm My 401(k)?

Euro Zone members are pointing fingers, lecturing on austerity and mugging for cameras by convening riots in the streets and gatherings of politicians.  U.S. consumers just want to hear the “prepare for the worst” commentary, as did Houseman:   And while the sun and moon endure Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure, I’d face it as […]

Financial Collapse – Who’s to Blame?

In an online survey, we asked readers to identify who they believed to be most responsible for the recent financial collapse.  In their response, most readers (42%) believed that the blame should be equally assigned to Wall Street, the federal government and main street borrowers/lenders.  However, the federal government took second place, with 28%, ahead […]