Study on Seattle Soda Tax Offers Lessons on Legislating Behavior

Soda taxes are again in the news and this time for Seattle’s misconceived “sweetened beverage tax.” A new study released in January by the journal PLOS ONE has found that, despite claims to the contrary, Seattle’s soda tax did not improve “health outcomes.” These findings throw cold water on the idea that soda taxes are […]

The Economic Standard: Regressive Soda & Sugar Taxes Should Fizzle Out

There is currently a global campaign to reduce the consumption of soda and ensure that consumers have healthier alternatives. Philadelphia, for instance, is contributing to the campaign through a soda tax while across the pond, the U.K. has implemented a sugar tax. However, despite lawmakers’ best efforts to improve public health, these disastrous policies have […]

Cities Eying Food and Beverage Taxes Should Learn from Philadelphia’s Tax Mistake

Local governments considering the imposition of taxes on certain foods and sweetened beverage should take a long look at the tax disaster in Philadelphia. It’s been more than two years since Philadelphia began imposing a massive tax on sweetened beverages, and the bad news just keeps rolling in. Court documents now reveal that one of […]

Food Activists Want to Tax What You Eat

A major assault on consumer sovereignty is imminent, according to newly unveiled plans by the EAT-Lancet Commission, a billionaire-funded organization with deep ties to radical food activists, to impose a near-vegan diet on the world’s population through punitive taxation, rationing, and outright bans of disfavored products. A few weeks ago, EAT-Lancet released a report promoting […]

Radical Diet and Taxation Agenda Threatens Consumer Sovereignty

There is a proposal to use punitive taxation, rationing, and outright bans on meats to help bureaucrats decide what you should eat. When the EAT-Lancet Commission issued its report, three years in the making, on healthy eating a few weeks ago, it was quickly assailed by medical experts who pointed out that its supposedly “optimal,” […]

Could Bureaucrats Be in Charge of Your Menu

In January 2019, Lancet released a study attempting to define a stingy but adequate human diet and a political pathway to reining in global agricultural and food processing industries. Lancet acknowledged that its medical and political science agenda allowed it to rely on medical experts for some subject matter but forced it to concede judgements […]

Dietary Advances and Retreats

For the past 60 years the federal government has been advising consumers on how they can avoid heart attacks and strokes.  The federal government’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee took advice from well-known food scientists even though the advising scientists often held conflicting conclusions.  The Advisory Committee’s advice to consumers changed slowly and has often been […]

Daily Caller: Self-Appointed Food Police Think Additional Taxation On Sugary Beverages Is Smart. It’s Not

In some municipalities and states, local politicians play the role of unqualified dietitians as they seek extra taxes and revenues and as they pass judgment on what foods are suitable for the voters to consume.  To read this article, visit The Daily Caller    

The Food Nanny’s Agenda

Assessments of health risk and a proper role for certain foods have been unreliable and sometimes self-defeating.  Government agencies charged with protecting and advising consumers seem to approach the task as true believers.  They act with the conviction of freshly minted deacons in pursuit of whatever chapter of the health catechism they are told to […]

Adding Imaginary Value to Food Labels

In a recent AP-GfK poll, 66% of Americans want food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be labelled as such. Only 7% oppose the labeling. Plant and animal breeding that selects some attributes and suppresses others has been in use for about 14,000 years. Intentional alteration of the DNA within a cell (resulting in a […]