Morning Consult: Protectionist Car Dealership State Regulations Lead to Higher Prices for Consumers

A blatant example of corporate welfare is driving up automobile prices around the country, helping car dealerships maximize profits at the expense of consumers. A little history is helpful to understand how we got here, and why reforms are desperately needed. Once automobiles reached the mass market in the early 20th century, it didn’t take […]

Daily Caller: Consumers Are Getting The Bang Stolen From Their Buck With State Regulations

Automobile dealerships have been the beneficiaries of state laws that require maker-dealer contracts with restrictions blatantly favoring the profits of dealers over the welfare of consumers. State regulations governing the maker-dealer supply channel constrict the level of competition among dealers offering the same make, according to a new study by the American Consumer Institute, costing […]

Corporate Welfare: How Automobile Dealership Franchise Regulations Cost Consumers an Additional $48 Billion Annually

This ConsumerGram explores the consequences of various state laws written to advantage automobile dealer franchises. Because many of these laws work to increase vehicle costs and set geographic restrictions that limit price competition, they serve to transfer income from the buying public to dealerships. Specifically, this ConsumerGram finds that American consumers collectively pay $47.5 billion […]