Some Stylish Attacks on Free Speech

A recent survey of college students showed affirmation for free speech rights in some but not all contexts. They opposed by 72% letting colleges restrict political views offensive to certain groups. Seven in ten wanted to ban slurs or language intentionally offensive to others, and 54% acknowledged the climate on campus prevents some from saying […]

Rights Are Neither Free Nor Absolute

Some issue advocates have pontificated recently with imaginative declarations about their new “rights.”  They avoid acknowledging the limitations of such rights and the burden that each new right imposes on the rest of society.  Because of the unaddressed burdens, we should not leap to accept assertions of new rights. In actions justified by their “right […]

Letter to Congress Supporting Online Consumer Reviews

ACI signed on with R-Street and the Institute for Liberty to send a letter to the Senate in support of consumer rights to provide online reviews and feedback — on restaurants, hotels and local providers — without the threat of being sued.  Consumers benefit from these reviews and such opinions should not be stifled by […]

Free Speech or Hateful Speech

Employers routinely penalize employees for public speech that might damage the firm’s reputation.   Anyone who is careless in public statements is unsuited for public-facing jobs.  Weaving comedy into a hateful or racist remark does not make it inoffensive. Recently a public relations executive for InterActiveCorp tweeted a racist quip about the probability of contracting AIDS […]