New ACI Report: Recent Causes of Inflation and Adverse Consequences for Consumers

Consumers agree that the biggest problem facing the United States is inflation, as record price increases have made it harder for families to make ends meet. This report outlines the factors that created an inflationary spiral and what can be done to help lower prices for consumers. The report’s highlights include: Increased government spending and […]

Washington’s Spending Spree Continues

In February 2022, the U.S. National Debt surpassed $30 trillion, dwarfing the $19 trillion debt in 2016. While Republicans and Democrats will point the finger at each other for ballooning the national debt, the reality remains that wasteful spending has become entrenched in Washington, and has now left government debt higher than annual economic output […]

Coalition Urges Congress Not to Expand Spending into Wasteful and Ineffective Housing Programs

Housing affordability is an immediate, everyday concern for millions of Americans nationwide, particularly for those who choose to live in densely populated urban areas. However, the issue of affordable housing stems from government-manufactured restrictions on supply, fees, restrictive zoning, and other government-imposed burdens. Before considering a major expansion of the housing choice voucher program, we […]

A Good Economy is a Bad Time to Overspend

The “news” on cable TV seems skewed toward partisan bickering on topics our politicians refuse to address seriously. They criticize their opponents and quickly move on to the next allegation in the hope that some of the mud will stick. These unending arguments are fueled by the stylish, everchanging topics in the social justice bucket. […]

Keeping a Tighter Hold on the Taxpayer’s Wallet

The USA Act (Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act of 2016) would gradually sunset unauthorized and unappropriated spending by the government. Government seldom reports on its own boondoggles with over the top costs billed to the taxpayer. That role is taken on by dedicated monitors such as Tom Schatz’s Council of Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) who […]

You Earn It; They Tax and Waste it

Based on the myriad of reports over the years, the Federal government is wasteful, inefficient and lacks the incentives to act differently.  The news reports of waste, overpayment and abuse are so common and often run in the billions of dollars.  For example, one report looked at about 100 examples of government projects that produced […]

Breaking Down State Barriers: How to Reduce Consumer Costs and Make Insurance Commissions Work More Efficiency

A week ago, I received a cancellation notice for a South Carolina residential insurance policy.  It surprised me.  I’d spoken with the agency two weeks earlier and they did not alert me to the overdue status.  I had also spoken about my auto with a Florida agency of the same insurance company a week ago […]

The Debt: Government vs. Households

Households are wary for their future due to a cluster of assaults on their pocketbook and sanity; harsh unemployment and underemployment over the last 5 years, high-stakes partisan bickering, energy prices, health care prices, and promises of new taxes.  For many, sources of credit have dried up and loans are available only to those who […]

Are Regulations Crafted through Cost/Benefit Analysis or through Regulators’ Biases?

We are surrounded by regulations.  They can be reassuring and protective as readily as they can grate and expropriate.  Our experience with regulations depends on our social and political stance and on the balance of burden versus benefit inherent in the regulation. Elected representatives seldom have the expertise needed to specify a technical matter such […]