Green Card Recapture is Vital to U.S. Tech and Innovation

Every year, thousands of foreign workers apply for a U.S. employment-based green card that, if issued, would allow them to live and work permanently in the United States. Despite demand constantly exceeding congressionally imposed caps and a backlog that stretches decades, almost 80,000 employment-based green cards were wasted last year, and current law prohibits United […]

Immigration Provision Could Be a Real Win for America

Buried deep on page 899 of the Democrat’s 2468 page reconciliation bill are a number of provisions that, if enacted into law, would represent a seismic shift in American immigration policy and significantly increase the number of foreign workers contributing to the U.S. economy. While the immigration provisions in the reconciliation bill are still imperfect, […]

Real Clear Policy: Want Prosperity? Loosen Restrictions on Foreign Workers

While undocumented immigrants pour across the U.S. Southern boarder, many very educated and talented foreign workers, some already employed in the U.S., are being turned away because of a low cap on H1B visas and restrictions on green cards. With a major shortage of STEM graduates in the and tens of thousands of unfilled tech […]