Real Clear Health: Rx Price Transparency Is Key to Lowering Health Care Costs

The Trump administration’s recent efforts to increase transparency in hospital pricing have expectedly been met with legal push-back from the hospitals themselves. But shadowy hospital pricing is just the tip of the opaque iceberg that is driving up the costs of health care in America. To inject more competition into the industry, Congress and the […]

Coalition Letter to the Senate on Surprise Medical Billing

Surprise medical billing needs to end. But we must be skeptical of any proposal that caps rates and opens the door further for socialized medicine. At the same time, our healthcare system cannot afford an overly simplistic and unproven approach that would likely have negative effects on patients, doctors, and hospitals while granting more power […]

Electronic Health Records Need to Get Ready for 5G

The 5th generation wireless (5G) service being deployed today promises to deliver super-fast low latency broadband to phones or homes. Despite some highly promising applications, health care is underrepresented in its use of broadband for competitive and policy reasons but not for technical reasons. The usual pathway for your use of 5G would be via […]

Vertical Consolidation in Health Care

Additional consolidation in the health care industry is underway. Concerns about consolidation creating oversized companies naturally escalate in segments of the health care industry such as pharmaceuticals, distribution and insurance. A recent AMA study found that the prices of labor, pharmaceuticals, devices and administrative costs explain the almost double cost of health care in the […]

The Best Kept Secret in the Health Care Industry

Inaccessible physicians. Rushed office visits. Endless paperwork. Exorbitant bills. For many Americans, these words reflect their experience with primary health care. But an innovative delivery model promises to bring affordable primary care to millions of Americans, if only lawmakers will get out of the way. Direct primary care (DPC), sometimes known as “concierge medicine,” abandons […]

Apple, Amazon, and Google Involvements in the Health Care Industry

There has been much speculation about where and how quickly Apple, Amazon, and Google will join the health care industry. At $1.7 trillion in 2016, Health Care is a growth opportunity where the three tech giants are seeking footholds. Apple is shaping its health care involvement by harnessing its strength in electronics and software. It […]

Hope for Cures, Despair from Costs

While the Hill labors over which health care interventions to cover and who must pay the tab, medical researchers continue with remarkable progress in understanding and treatments. Each year, there are breakthroughs that can save lives, restore failed organs or cure diseases. Medical progress is reported tentatively at first based on effectiveness in mice or […]

Determined to Run Out of Other People’s Money

In a breathtaking display of economic arrogance, California is considering a health care program that would appoint the state as a single payer which offers health care coverage to everyone in the state – young, old, lawful resident or not. Presumably, the plan designers have worked overtime at including every imaginable health intervention, all at […]

In Health Insurance, We Cannot Have Everything All of The Time

Before passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some of the bitterest arguments focused on the potential for death panels  that would set treatment policy, deciding which patients and which medical conditions would receive which kind of treatment, if any.  Within the scope of those rationing decisions, some feared older patients would be denied aggressive […]