Navigating the Maze of Homeowner Insurance

Approximately 40% of the US population lives in a coastal county, and that percentage is expected to continue to increase over the next decade.  Their homes are often high value and face greater risks than properties further inland. According to the recent Storm Surge Report by CoreLogic, over 6.5 million homes along the Atlantic and […]

Home Bittersweet Home

For decades housing was a buoyant force in our economy. Lately it has been a dead-weight in the lives of many who are in or who are approaching retirement.  Their retirement portfolios are not generating enough income to pay the bills, and because of spotty employment, many are failing to make regular contributions.  A generation […]

ACI Op-Ed in the Tallahassee Democrat: Citizens Still Subsidizing the Wealthy

Although the waters have been seemingly quiet this hurricane season, National Hurricane Center data reminds us that the Atlantic Ocean’s fourth named tropical storm usually doesn’t form until the end of August. With Andrea, Barry, Chantel and Dorian already named, it is possible this is the year that Florida’s good luck runs out.  According to […]

Study Finds Floridians are Subsidizing Wealthy Foreign and Out-of-State Homeowners

With the start of the legislative session just weeks away, the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) today released the whitepaper “Welfare for the Rich: How Citizens Insurance Corporation Harms Floridians.”  As a nonprofit educational and research institute that seeks to be a better and more reasoned voice for consumers, this paper analyzes […]

ACI Op-ed in Florida Ledger: CAT Fund Needs Fixing

For years, Florida’s property-insurance crisis has remained unsolved, with an ever-building mountain of unfunded debt obligations building up, driving up consumer costs, creating unnecessary risk and uncertainty, hampering Florida’s economic recovery and discouraging insurance competition for your business. Epitomizing these crises, Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund leadership has testified to the governor and the Legislature that, […]

The regulatory Death Spiral: Why Price Regulation of Homeowners Insurance Means Consumers Pay More

ACI has just released an extensive study on the consequences of price regulation of insurance.  It finds that regulated insurance prices eventually become higher than they would have been, had no price regulation been in effect.  In other words, price regulations fail miserably for consumers, lead to higher industry costs and eventually higher consumer prices.  Furthermore, inadequate premiums lead to […]

Are Florida Homeowners Paying More For Less? Study Cites Price Regulation as the Major Reason

Price regulation of property and casualty insurance in Florida has been a failure, according to a new ACI study released by the American Consumer Institute.  The study shows that Florida insurance prices were 30% above the national average just 10-15 years ago, but today they stand at 90% above the national average, despite the state having […]

Star-Telegram: The Facts about Price Regulation in Texas

In today’s special commentary for the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Pociask fact-checks the current political rhetoric on Texas insurance price regulation.  He finds that the facts don’t support today’s policy and their directions, and these pricing policies appear to be making consumers worse off.  How is it that price regulation leads to the second highest rates in the country?  […]