ACI in Pittsburgh Gazette: PA’s Heavy Hand in Private Contracts

Imagine an instance where McDonald’s was mandated to purchase fries from Burger King – or GM was required to buy auto parts from Ford. Intuitively and economically, this does not make sense. Yet, that is exactly what the legislature is trying to do in Pennsylvania. The two parties in question though do not make fries […]

RATIONING: Does Medicare’s 30-day Readmission Policy Qualify?

Medicare covers about one seventh of the US population.  Because Medicare pays just half of seniors total health care costs and healthcare costs are rising faster than inflation, seniors see their future costs snowballing. Indeed, seniors’ out of pocket health care costs will soon equal their social security benefits.  Medicare wage taxes and Medicare beneficiary […]

Medicaid to stop paying for certain ‘preventable’ medical errors

Each year, Medicaid pays about $7 million to doctors and hospitals for certain preventable mistakes such as operating on the wrong body part or accidentally leaving a foreign object in a patient after surgery. That’s supposed to stop under a new federal rule. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a rule June […]