Open App Regulations Could Endanger Those It Seeks to Protect

As lawmakers in Washington D.C. move the Open App Market Act through both the Senate and House of Representatives, lawmakers in the states are watching closely and considering their own measures that would force damaging changes on how application stores operate. But bad news travels fast. One harmful bill, for example, the Freedom to Subscribe […]

Taxpayer and Consumer Coalition Objects to Impeding Generic Drug Competition

A coalition taxpayer and consumer groups sent a letter to Illinois House members explaining that H.B. 4900 — the Illinois Generic Drug Pricing Fairness Act — would seek to target generic drug pricing and impede generic competition, while leaving more expensive name brand drugs unaffected.  While working families, small businesses, seniors, and especially society’s most […]

Shifting the Burden of Government Borrowing

Illinois’ problems with government pension funds started with negotiated promises for excessive benefits.  Some Illinois pensions run at $100,000 or more per year and half of employees retire with benefits before age 60.  Those problems were inflamed by the state making smaller contributions than needed to support the benefit payouts.  Instances of early retirements and […]