Immigration Provision Could Be a Real Win for America

Buried deep on page 899 of the Democrat’s 2468 page reconciliation bill are a number of provisions that, if enacted into law, would represent a seismic shift in American immigration policy and significantly increase the number of foreign workers contributing to the U.S. economy. While the immigration provisions in the reconciliation bill are still imperfect, […]

The Economic Standard: Immigration Law Creates a Lose-Lose Scenario for America

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that “as many as 80,000 employment-based green cards expire” before being offered to foreign workers, both in the United States and abroad. The loss of 80,000 employment-based greens cards due to a failure to process petitions will be unwelcome news to the 1.2 million foreign workers who await permanent resident […]

End Caps on Skilled Labor

This week, we’ve learned that that the White House is gearing up for a major fall immigration initiative. Simultaneously, we hear rumors brewing about the GOP working on an equally momentous immigration bill of its own. While the details on both are still a bit fuzzy, there’s no getting around the fact that any comprehensive […]