High-Tech Fuel for the U.S. Economy

A new report is out this week showing that high-tech startups account more for new job growth than the rest of the private sector. The study, just put out by the Kauffman Foundation and the technology policy foundation Engine, shows that young tech-startups accelerate quickly in growth, adding thousands of jobs and even outpacing to […]

Innovation Drives Growth

Apple’s iPhone 5 has become available to the public for presale. This may seem like a non-event to some, but it’s important to note what Apple, with the introduction of the iPod and iPhone, created and have nurtured. The iPhone is a technological marvel—really, the first of its kind smartphone that has spawned an entire […]

New Report — “The Information Technology Revolution and the Transformation of the Small Business Economy”

At a Capitol Hill event today, ACI released a collection of essays written by economists and IT policy experts that discusses the link between the information technology sector and the small business economy.  You can download the booklet here.   This work/research was funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (contents of the publication are solely […]

The Decline in Wireless Employment – A Symptom of a Problem or Success?

Anton Troianovski’s recent article “Wireless Jobs Vanish” (WSJ, July 18, 2011) concluded that wireless carrier employment has fallen to a 12-year low.  The article compared the decline in wireless employment and the increase in revenues calling it a “disconnect” – implying that there is something terribly wrong in the wireless market.  Nothing could be further […]