Daily Caller: Stop State Kleptocrats From BRAZENLY FILCHING Infrastructure Funding

State governments have developed a despicable habit of ignoring what the voters and their representatives identify as the official purpose behind many grants and fee collections. In too many cases, state governments display the arrogance of skilled thieves, diverting funds from the intended destination. Instead the funds are used to plug self-inflicted budgetary holes. Published […]

An Unusual Level of Coordination on Fifth Generation Wireless

Commercial versions of fifth generation (5G) wireless service are expected within three years.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wireless service providers, wireless equipment manufacturers and even the US Congress are collaborating to make it a success for consumers and the economy. It is important for the US to be an early developer and leader in […]

Sensible Regulations Key to 5G and Economic Growth

A new report was released this week by the American Consumer Institute (ACI), entitled “The Economic and Consumer Benefits from 5G.” The report zeroed in on the promise of next-generation networks and the challenges surrounding the deployment of new technologies. What is clear from this analysis is the massive economic and consumer benefits that will result […]

The Scope and Funding for Infrastructure Plans

We welcome the public convenience, safety benefits and economic advantages that flow from revitalizing our infrastructure. Moody’s estimates that $1.44 is returned for each infrastructure dollar invested. The case for upgrading infrastructure sounds straightforward, but the depth and scope of upgrade, the competing claims on federal funds and other political agendas make infrastructure a complex […]

Coalition Letter on “Open Competition”

Twenty-one nonprofit groups submitted a letter to members of Congress asking them to be mindful of using a competitive bidding process when considering appropriations and legislation related to revitalizing the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  By one estimate, open competition rules would save the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.  The coalition letter is available online.

ACI in the Daily Caller: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Should Make Investments Last

President-elect Trump has vowed to rebuild America’s aging highways, bridges, airports and other key areas. But these investments will be for naught if stronger storm resiliency standards are not included in this ambitious infrastructure plan. To continue reading, visit the Daily Caller — http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/25/trumps-infrastructure-plan-should-make-investments-last/.  

Time to Revisit Trucking Regulations

President Obama’s State of the Union Address calls for improving our road and bridge infrastructure, as well reducing carbon emissions.  Our latest op-ed shows that increasing LTL trailer length will improve road efficiency, use less diesel, save lives and reduce consumer prices — a big win without increasing costs to taxpayers.  To read the piece, visit the Daily Caller.