Potential Consumer Strategies for Impending Interest Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve Board (Fed) has kept short term interest rates near zero for several years.   Large banks were able to borrow at near zero rates and lend at higher rates for home mortgages, and for automobile buyers and for businesses.  The Fed governors intended to increase interest rates when inflation approached their discomfort level […]

Home Bittersweet Home

For decades housing was a buoyant force in our economy. Lately it has been a dead-weight in the lives of many who are in or who are approaching retirement.  Their retirement portfolios are not generating enough income to pay the bills, and because of spotty employment, many are failing to make regular contributions.  A generation […]

Credit Unions Provide Persuasive Benefits to Consumers

Almost 92 million consumers do their banking through credit unions’ 21,000 branches.  While a typical bank has 15 times more assets than a typical credit union, the member-owned credit unions are able to offer consumers the same retail services at typically better prices.  Credit unions don’t compete for investment banking business, so they avoid those risks […]

Economic Stimulus Will It Work? Maybe, Maybe Not

Economic Stimulus Plan is Not a Panacea   As 2009 begins, I reflect back on how the last bailout performed and reminisce about how all the money that was already wasted bailing out corporations at the expense of American taxpayers, and now it looks like more waste could be coming under the heading of an […]