Real Clear Policy: The OECD’s Big Cash Grab

Nearly 140 countries around the world, led by the OECD, are rewriting rules that would tax high-tech and multinational companies. The proposed rules would effectively transfer tax rights between countries, including allocating shares of taxable profits, determining which country should have tax authority, and a minimum tax rate. The current proposal is little more than an opportunistic […]

Inside Sources: U.S. Vaping Policy Spills Over Internationally

there seems to be no end in sight for smokers to breathe easy. Even more unfortunate is how America’s policy on e-cigarettes has and will continue to influence other nations’ vaping policy. As the U.S. continues to grapple with this issue, we should be reminded that smoking is a global phenomenon and the decisions we […]

Morning Consult: Importing Foreign Price Controls Is Not the Way to Lower U.S. Drug Costs

Recently, some members of Congress and officials at the Department of Health and Human Services have championed a particular strategy to address this problem: pegging U.S. drug prices to what other countries pay for the same medicines. This op-ed, published in the Morning Consult, explains why putting our drug market at the mercy of what bureaucrats […]

ACI Joins an International Coalition Letter Against the Recent G20 Digital Tax Proposal

With 39 organizations from 19 countries having signed, this coaltion letter sends a strong message that the international community understands that this is a tax that will reduce innovation, increase costs upon consumers and small businesses, and substantially weaken the global economy. You can read the letter here — in English or in Spanish.   […]

Foreign Trade’s Essential Role in Our Economy and Employment

The annual US Gross National Product increased to 17.3 trillion US dollars in 2017.   In 2016, US exports and imports were 12.7% and 15.6% of US GDP respectively.  A trade deficit (excess of imports over exports) will lead us to issue debt to finance the 2.9% GDP imbalance.  A trade surplus would be a far […]

Judging the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership

Although it may be poorly understood, international trade is important to Americans. In August 2015, we imported $233.4 billion in goods and services, pushing down prices and enriching consumers’ choices. In the other direction, we exported $185.1 billion in goods and services supporting millions of American jobs. International trade rules matter to us because they […]

Lighting the Euro Zone’s Christmas Fuse

For those who value apolitical conversation starters for seasonal parties, we offer a few notes on the Euro Zone “mess” which may go pyrotechnic within a few months.   The Substance:   Twenty-six European Union (EU) members voted to balance their nations’ fiscal budget within 0.5%, enforced by EU-imposed penalties.  Today, all but 3 countries […]

Cloudy Days Call for Fixing the Disharmony of International Laws

Remote data storage, more sexily known as “cloud computing,” has become the “new normal.”  A poll commissioned by Microsoft found that eighty-four percent of Americans now use an online email client, which stores all of your email data off your own personal computer and allows it to be accessible from any computer or Internet-capable device, […]

American Consumers Pay 10 Cents per Minute Less and Use over 600 Minutes More than Their International Counterparts

Can 270 Million American Wireless Subscribers Be Wrong? Two years ago, a ConsumerGram summarized a number of statistical reports and found that the U.S. wireless market was lower priced, had more competition, provided more minutes per subscriber and had greater handset choice than any country in Europe, concluding that those calling for the adoption of […]