Consumers Finally Protected from New Taxes on Internet Access

American Consumer Institute applauds passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act.  Following the passage of H.R. 644, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act, which included the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act preventing new taxes on consumers’ Internet access, Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute for Citizen Research, issued the following statement: […]

ACI in the Hill: Do the Right Thing; Protect the Internet

An important bill for American consumers has arrived in the Senate.  Senators can vote to protect consumers by passing The Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act (S. 431).  It is a clean, straightforward bill that tracks the consumers’ interest and it deserves quick consideration and handling. Last year, a similar bill reached the Senate after arriving […]

A Two-Prong Tax Attack on Wireless Consumers

Taxes on your wireless services remain at all an all-time high — 10 percent higher than taxes on other goods and services — and without some close attention from fair-minded legislators, these wireless-service taxes will continue to place an unfair and discriminatory cost burden on consumers, particularly the poor and underprivileged. And things could get […]

Time for a Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium

A coalition of 42 companies, primarily independent nonprofit think tanks, sent a letter to the U.S. Senate calling for passage of a permanent Internet tax moratorium.  Failure for Congress to act in the next 60 days will lead to increased taxes for Internet consumers.  To read or print the letter, click here.  

Senate Needs to Keep a Tax Free Internet

Last week, after several years of attempts, the House finally voted to pass the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. The bill would prohibit taxing access to the Internet at the state, local and Federal levels. The current ban on Internet taxation ends in just a bit over three months from today.  Therefore, it is important […]

ACI in Forbes

ACI has an article that discusses how two issues — the imposition of net neutrality regulations and the end of the  Internet Tax Moratorium — will lead to sharp increases in Internet taxes and a devastating impact on consumers.  To the read the article, “A Perfect Storm: Net Neutrality and the End of the Internet Tax Moratorium,” see […]

Don’t Tax the Internet: Groups Write Letter to Congress

A diverse group of nonprofit organizations sent a letter to congress today expressing concern over the pending expiration of the Internet tax moratorium.  A bill has been proposed to make the moratorium permanent, but failure to pass this bill would mean high taxes on Internet access services for consumers, perhaps on the scale that is currently […]