American Consumer Institute Statement on H.R. 1644, “Save the Internet Act”

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding today’s the House of Representative’s vote to increase regulations on internet services: “The passing of the “Save the Internet Act” in the House of Representatives today is not the innovative policy change the internet needs but rather a step […]

Light Touch Internet Regulations Worked

When will policymakers learn from the mistakes of the past? When broadband services began to explode since the mid-1990s, it did so with little regulation. In 2015, when the FCC imposed onerous net neutrality regulations, it was no surprise that industry investment fell. With the reversal of these regulations last year, however, broadband spending jumped, […]

Daily Caller: Momentum Behind 5G Needs Support from State and Local Policymakers

This piece discusses why policymakers at all levels of government need to do their part to advocate for sensible policies that minimize red tape and ensure that 5G can be rolled out quickly and efficiently. Every community in the U.S., no matter how large or small, stands to benefit from this state-of-the-art broadband connectivity. You […]

Want to Spur 5G Investment? Reduce Small Cell Fees.

This Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will consider a regulatory ruling that will speed the deployment of next-generation networks and arrival of 5G services by – among other things – setting shot clocks on the approval process for deploying small cell infrastructure. This development could not come at a better time. To read this […]

Cloud Computing and Internet Security

Cloud computing service providers (CSPs) differ in the capabilities, security and prices they offer. CSPs usually offer software as a service, platform as a service or infrastructure as a service. Most commonly, consumer use of CSPs is as a storage platform where they push digital pictures, music, and documents into “the cloud” and retrieve those […]

Internet Users Value Site Content and Their Own Privacy

Once again, pro and con arguments for tolerating internet adverts are in the news.  Google is refining the standards for internet adverts (as only Google has enough clout to do).  As well, there are two scholarly papers on the topic: one (by Caleb Fuller) assesses whether consumers value privacy enough to pay for content directly […]

Forget the Trendy Rants, Net Neutrality Shortchanges Consumers

Americans now depend on the Internet as an essential tool in their workday, their social interactions, their purchasing of goods and services, and their entertainment. And as the Internet evolves, so too does our ability to utilize faster connection speeds to access better quality applications and websites. Where do these faster connections and tools come […]

ACI Praises Forthcoming FCC Plan to Restore Internet Freedom

The following statement is in regard to the FCC’s draft order repealing Obama-era Title II regulations:  “This new proposal put forth by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ahead of its December vote brings us one step closer to returning the Internet to a light-touch regulatory framework. Rolling back onerous Title II restraints on Internet providers will […]

Forbes: FCC Takes Positive Action to Encourage Broadband Policy

Under Chairman Ajit Pai’s leadership, the FCC’s constructive influence may rescind the regulatory imprisonment that has placed Internet services into Title II purgatory.  Specifically, the FCC is taking steps to enact reasonable time limits on state and local permitting processes, unreasonable fees and delays, and eliminate arbitrary requirements and moratoria on investment.  Yesterday’s, November Open […]

A Bad Deal For Consumers and Taxpayers–Heartland Institute Quotes ACI

This article by the Heartland Institute discusses the many problems with municipally provided broadband services — that they generally lose a lot of money, their participation crowds out private investment and services, and they typically shift their financially losses to consumers and taxpayers. The article quotes an expert from ACI.