ACI in Real Clear Policy: Overcoming the Skills Shortage

If President Trump and the Congress move forward with tax reform, U.S. businesses stand to gain trillions of discretionary dollars from lower tax burdens, repatriation of their net profits held overseas, and incentives that would permit the expensing of capital investment. While this would give American businesses the capital they need to buy more equipment, […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Shovel Ready Broadband Investment, Maybe

The economy has been shackled by $2 trillion in annual regulatory costs that impede commerce and are a drag on household incomes. Recent public sentiment shows that the public has had enough. The election results tell us that voters want a path for sustained economic growth. That path means undoing harmful regulations that have impeded […]

ACI in FORBES: Taxpayer-free Economic Stimulus, Broadband Investment and Jobs

This Forbes op-ed discusses the finding from ACI’s new study, which examines the host of new federal telecommunications regulations and the resulting negative effects that these regulations are and will be having on private broadband investment and jobs.  To read the study, visit FORBES.

Reforming Telecommunications Regulations Key to Unlocking Greater Economic Success, Says ACI Report

Broadband Regulations Are Discouraging Investment and Job Creation (Washington, D.C.)—A new report released today by the American Consumer Institute finds broadband network companies create 4,200 more jobs than large web-based providers for every billion dollars in revenue, but this added job creation is being threatened by onerous regulations. “We’re witnessing a crippling wave of overregulation […]

Consumers Invest in Themselves Through Savings

Consumers have experienced paltry progress in middle class incomes during the period of 2007 through today, and some say that stagnation has persisted for decades.  Income stagnation has been ascribed to disappointing labor productivity and to high unemployment that became nearly full employment, which too often pays just subsistence wages.  Many job openings remain unfilled […]

ACI in Forbes: Net Regs Mean Less Investment and Jobs; Higher Taxes

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its open Internet order. The order imposes new Internet regulations, commonly referred to as “net neutrality regulations,” and it reclassifies the Internet from a lightly regulated information service to a more heavily regulated “common carrier” telecommunications service. That reclassification puts broadband Internet services into the same regulatory category […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Netflix Free Lunch

Last month, Netflix announced an agreement whereby it would pay Comcast to boost Internet speed and reliability for the companies’ joint customers. Soon after, Netflix said it would be entering into similar agreements with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This comes after years of struggle between Netflix and other content providers and the ISPs, with […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Regulators — Take Your Foot Off The Brake

This piece, written by ACI president Steve Pociask, discusses the best way to get broadband services to be faster, cheaper, better and more innovative.  He writes: “If you want broadband providers to put on the gas, regulators need to get their foot off the brake.”  His piece explains why and can be read in Real Clear Policy.

The Main Themes in Corporate Tax Reform

When Congress concludes its histrionics on current and accumulated debt levels, corporate tax reform will be a topic for potential compromise and progress.  Although some may be confused about the purpose, the main goal for tax reform remains the reallocation of profits and capital gains among three applications: government revenues, personal income and investment activities […]