Hacking and the Internet of Things

We are now seeing hundreds of mobile apps that conduct Internet transactions and monitor our environment. We can download them and set them in motion with little effort. Most of these apps interact between our mobile device and a web server, but there is a class of apps that operate mostly between devices with little […]

Fog Computing and the Internet of Things

For those of us outside the hardware and software industries, white papers on Information Technology can be opaque and tedious.  Fog computing is different because it quickly makes sense. Fog computing is like Cloud computing, but it takes place in the things around us, such as in sensors and controls embedded in electrical grids, or […]

FORBES: Internet Of Things Depends On Businesses Working Together

This week, the newly created White House American Technology Council convened a series of policy discussions on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), something I have discussed here in the past. The news is a welcome and timely development, given the breakneck speed at which IoT technologies are progressing – from driverless cars, to remote […]

Growth in Internet Traffic Underscores the Need for Smart Regulatory Actions

A recent study of Internet traffic conducted by Cisco reveals encouraging signs of progress for the applications and technologies that benefit consumers. However, there are areas of regulatory shortcoming that need attention to prevent undermining these benefits. We have already seen smartphones become dominant over wired devices for Internet access. By 2021, wired devices connected […]