FCC Gleefully Embroidering Last Century’s Regulations

The transition from a copper telephone network to an all IP fiber network has been noteworthy. Already 30% of consumers use voice-over-Internet (VoIP) services instead of traditional copper-based telephone services, and another 44% are wireless-only. Only 25% of consumers still use old copper telephone services and that’s because their carriers have yet to transition to […]

ACI Participates in ITERA Conference

The Telecommunications and Information Technology Conference,  whose institutional members consist of twenty major U.S. universities, addressed a variety of science, engineering, educational management, network, privacy, security and other network issues at its eleventh annual conference in Washington, DC on March 27th to 28th of this year.  ACI president, Steve Pociask participated on a panel that discussed the […]

ACI in The Hill’s Congress Blog: Spectrum Bailout is Regulatory Malpractice

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appears to have decided that the upcoming broadband spectrum auctions should favor some competitors over others.  To accomplish this, the FCC will set some revenue targets that, if met, would exclude bidding by AT&T and Verizon Communications, as well as potentially shutting out bidding by several regional carriers, such as […]

IP Transition: Out with the Old

The FCC announced last week that they’ll begin testing the transition away from old, legacy-based copper-wired telephone systems to a new digital Internet protocol (IP) system. This new transition, in discussion for some time, will allow telephone companies to propose trials and new plans for an eventual switch to an all IP-based system. The goal […]

FCC: Get with the IP-Revolution

The FCC has announced plans to begin a technology overhaul that will pave the way for new and better telecommunications services and applications. Last week, new FCC chairman Tom Wheeler began to take steps towards making video calls more of a reality (what then-FCC commissioner Michael Powell called in 2000 “The Great Digital Broadband Migration”). […]

Wheeler Confirmed as FCC Chairman

The Senate has confirmed Tom Wheeler as the next Chairman for the Federal Communications Commission.  ACI applauds the decision to confirm Wheeler, who now takes on a major role in spurring the transitioning from an old copper-based communications network to an all IP world.  News of his confirmation is available at the USA Today.

Pociask and Umansky in The Hill: Bring on the Importance of the IP Transition

This article is written by Barry Umansky, law professor at Ball State’s Digital Policy Institute, and Steve Pociask of the American Consumer Institute.  The views expressed in the piece are our own and do not represent the views of any organization, committee or company.  It can be downloaded and read at The Hill.