Consumers Understand IP

A new report was released today by The American Consumer Institute, detailing the views and opinions held by American consumers on the issues of intellectual property (IP) protection and pirated goods. The study surveyed 1,000 US adults on their thoughts ranging on issues from innovation and creativity to corporate espionage and trade secrets to the […]

Most Favor Protecting Intellectual Property

The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Researchsurveyed American consumers’ attitudes toward protecting intellectual property (IP) such as copyrights for text, graphics, music and movies, and for patents on industrial designs and pharmaceuticals. For the most part we feel protective toward IP but a small segment shows hypocrisy and some of the survey results are […]

ACI Releases Consumer IP Survey, Holds Capitol Hill Event

On July 25, 2013, ACI held a widely-attended Capitol Hill event with Congressional keynote speakers and an expert panel. Intellectual property (IP) rights are being challenged by widespread theft associated with counterfeiting and the trafficking of pirated goods, which, by some estimates, contributes to hundreds of billions of dollars of economic loses.  While some point to […]

IP Theft More Damaging Than Before

For 50 years, consumers walked by street merchants selling offshore knockoffs of US-branded articles such as handbags and athletic shoes.  More recently, sidewalk and internet offerings include recordings, electronics, and computer software.   At the corporate stratum, theft of intellectual property focuses on more sophisticated loot.  The “usual suspects” were Japan in the 60s, Hong Kong […]

ACI Survey Finds Consumers Support More Protection against Pirated Goods and Content — Counterfeit Goods Cited as Reducing Jobs; Harming the Economy

A national consumer survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) finds that the vast majority of consumers support stronger intellectual property protections against trafficking of counterfeit goods.  The survey of 800 consumers found 82% of consumers agreed that counterfeit goods, such as knock-off products, pirated software and imitation pharmacy drugs hurt the economy, with […]

Christenson Blogs: Online Intellectual Property Needs More Protection, but the “Protect IP Act is a Heavy-handed” Solution

Last year’s Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was widely chided as a massive overreach of executive power.  Essentially, the bill would allow federal enforcement agencies to force ISPs, Search Engines, Domain Name Registrars and online financial transaction companies, to stop recognizing certain websites that have been deemed “rogue”: those involved in intellectual property […]

Daley Blogs: The “PROTECT IP Act” – Hollywood Subsidy and Probably Unconstitutional

With good optics, a few Senators introduced an anti-Internet-piracy bill that is popular with Hollywood and the media, but vigorously opposed by law professors, Internet venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, free-speech advocates and even consumers shopping for prescription drugs outside the US.      The bill authorizes the Justice Department to file a civil action against […]

Cloudy Days Call for Fixing the Disharmony of International Laws

Remote data storage, more sexily known as “cloud computing,” has become the “new normal.”  A poll commissioned by Microsoft found that eighty-four percent of Americans now use an online email client, which stores all of your email data off your own personal computer and allows it to be accessible from any computer or Internet-capable device, […]