Not Saving for Retirement?

In a December 2017 poll, many Americans felt they were just a paycheck away from insolvency.  About 43% fear an unexpected event would deplete their meagre savings, and another 34% find it difficult to make ends meet.  Still, 67% of Americans feel that their finances will get much or somewhat better in 2018, and only […]

Looking for a Place to Park Your Nest Egg?

We used to think that when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, we would once again have a chance to invest our consumer nest eggs in low risk bonds that pay 4%-5%.  It may be a daydream.  Four upcoming changes in the financial market could hold rates down longer than we might expect.  Lurking on […]

Should States Regulate IRAs?

Employees in companies that do not offer a 401k arrangement face a disadvantage in saving for retirement.  Tax exemption makes 401k retirement funds grow much quicker and the tax exemption is a strong incentive for employees to contribute regularly.  The employee benefits from participation and society benefits in future years because the 401k funded employee […]