American Consumer Institute Study: Internet Job Creation

Study concludes net neutrality and other regulations on network providers would have an adverse impact on the economy and employment   WASHINGTON – Today on Capitol Hill, the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research released the findings of a study examining the impact of policies, including ‘network neutrality,’ on job creation and national broadband […]

Recent Presentations Made by ACI on Taxes, Solvency and Broadband Stimulus

Dr. Joseph P. Fuhr, “Why Biosimilars Will Have a Smaller Competitive Edge Than Generics,” presented at CBI’s Second Annual Summit on Biosimilars and Follow-on biologics, Baltimore, based on an article coauthored by Dr. Erwin A. Blackstone and published in the Journal of Health Care Finance, Winter 2008, pp. 84-95. Slides available. Steve Pociask, “Why Solvency Matters,” […]