DOJ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google; Offers Terms for Settlement for ITA Acquisition

Today, the DOJ filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Google in connection with Google’s proposed acquisition of ITA Software.  There has been strong concerns that Google would use it dominant market position to corner the online travel business.  The DOJ also offered Google terms for a settlement, including a number of consumer protections.  The following is a […]

Google’s Nonstop Online Monopoly

U.S. regulators should keep in mind the average consumer when proceeding with a decision on the prospective Google acquisition of online air-travel booking software giant ITA.  ITA services many of the most popular online travel booking sites, and while the Department of Justice is trying to work out language that would guarantee freedom of use […]

Traveling to Online Market Dominance

Google’s intent to acquire ITA Software, the airline flight database company, poses unhealthy risks for consumers.  Google’s financial depth and technical breadth are highly relevant, and the Department of Justice should be concerned.  Google’s search service dominates the consumer Internet search market with over 80% share and growing.  Bolstered by 3rd quarter 2010 revenues of $7.286 […]