Leave the Minimum Wage to the States

Proponents of labor reform have become increasingly vocal about their aim to increase the federal minimum wage to $15. As recently as January 2020, Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation to the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate to raise the minimum wage to $15. Sanders’ legislation follows previous attempts by the Democratic party to raise the federal […]

Harsh Silicone Regulations Would Kill Jobs, Impact Key Sectors of the Economy

Silicone makes our lives safer, easier, healthier, and more enjoyable. It plays a role in products as diverse as facial creams, airbags, caulk, medical devices and smartphones. If silicone were to disappear tomorrow, we would lead much different lives. There is an attempt underway to ban silicone products without providing evidence that these products are […]

Robots Will Help Reverse the Offshoring of US Jobs

Robots long ago graduated from the pages of sci-fi novels and comic books.  In nations that engage in serious manufacturing, robots have become crucial to prosperity and growth.  Industrial robots have become so common in factory settings that we no longer expect them to appear humanoid.  Around the clock, they perform the full panoply of […]

Jobs That Depend on Good Negotiations

Mention jobs and you have everyone’s attention.  Mention balance of trade and there are groans and a rush to exit the room.  Both are important and are tightly connected.  Today, the US exports less goods and services than it imports.  The resulting trade deficit means we borrow dollars to finance our excess of imports over […]

Increasing the Cost of Low-Skilled Labor Does Not Create Jobs

The Presidential election is over but we are still subjected to misinformation about US jobs being taken offshore.  The straight truth is that some US jobs were lost due to lower wages for foreign labor, but a larger portion of US manufacturing jobs lost were lost due to automation and productivity here in the US.  […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Shovel Ready Broadband Investment, Maybe

The economy has been shackled by $2 trillion in annual regulatory costs that impede commerce and are a drag on household incomes. Recent public sentiment shows that the public has had enough. The election results tell us that voters want a path for sustained economic growth. That path means undoing harmful regulations that have impeded […]

ACI in FORBES: Taxpayer-free Economic Stimulus, Broadband Investment and Jobs

This Forbes op-ed discusses the finding from ACI’s new study, which examines the host of new federal telecommunications regulations and the resulting negative effects that these regulations are and will be having on private broadband investment and jobs.  To read the study, visit FORBES.

Reforming Telecommunications Regulations Key to Unlocking Greater Economic Success, Says ACI Report

Broadband Regulations Are Discouraging Investment and Job Creation (Washington, D.C.)—A new report released today by the American Consumer Institute finds broadband network companies create 4,200 more jobs than large web-based providers for every billion dollars in revenue, but this added job creation is being threatened by onerous regulations. “We’re witnessing a crippling wave of overregulation […]

Robots Are Far Beyond Sci-Fi

Robots have already earned their place in a surprising range of jobs, including retail fast food, automobile assembly, underwater bridge inspection, surgery, in-hospital courier service, warehouse stocking and shipping, cellphone fabrication and assembly, and organizing of “discovery” materials — a task once done by first-year lawyers and law clerks.  From a consumer’s perspective, robots are […]

Consumers Invest in Themselves Through Savings

Consumers have experienced paltry progress in middle class incomes during the period of 2007 through today, and some say that stagnation has persisted for decades.  Income stagnation has been ascribed to disappointing labor productivity and to high unemployment that became nearly full employment, which too often pays just subsistence wages.  Many job openings remain unfilled […]