Statement Regarding Florida’s Special Legislative Session on Property Insurance

The American Consumer Institute urges Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature to strongly consider tort reform during their upcoming special legislative session. Over the years, Florida has suffered from a range of issues related to insurance fraud, frivolous lawsuits, and the assignment of business suits, each contributing to a poor business environment for […]

Coalition Letter: Stop Frivolous COVID-Related Lawsuits

ACI joined 21 other nonprofit groups calling for legislative reforms to create shields from trial lawyers’ frivolous, costly, and job-killing litigation schemes. Such acttions would advance the interests and wellbeing of the American people through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The coalition letter is available on our website.

Inside Sources: Broken Auto Glass Scam Could Break Floridians’ Credit Score

Florida has among the highest automobile insurance rates in the country, and it seems every time you turn around a handful of trial attorneys have figured out yet another way to profit on the business of “sue and settle.” You can read our op-ed in Inside Sources to find out why Florida’s legislators need to […]

Allocation of Benefits from a Class Action Suit

Class action lawsuits have earned a questionable reputation. Purportedly class action lawsuits serve the public good by halting the misbehavior of a defendant and by reimbursing plaintiffs who suffered damages due to the defendant’s actions. You can expect to hear that high-road claim parroted by members of the class action bar. However, most consumers have […]

Once Again, Class Action Costs Are in The Crosshairs

In a July 2017 rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) “prevented financial institutions from including forced-arbitration language in contracts for things like credit cards and car loans.”  That upset the financial services industry, because in their experience, compulsory arbitration is often the faster and less costly choice for resolving disputes when compared with participation […]

Government Meddles In Disputes Between Consumers and Companies

Companies can provide wonderful results for consumers or they can be a huge disappointment.  When they short change us or act against our interests, we need ways to force them to make amends.  That’s when we remember the “boilerplate” we agreed to right after the sale took place.  Most of the time that contract will […]