Maine’s Facial Recognition Ban Will Make Residents Less Safe

On June 2021, the Maine State Legislature passed L.D. 1585, a bill that would ban most uses of facial recognition technology by public officials. This act, introduced by Rep. Grayson Lookner (D-Portland), is the strictest facial recognition law in the United States. The fact that it was passed unanimously by the State House and Senate, […]

Coalition Letter Opposes Price Regulation of Lower Priced Generic Drugs

Dear Members of the Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services: As state and national organizations representing a wide range of U.S. taxpayers and consumers, we write today in opposition to LD 1117, Maine’s Act To Prevent Excessive Prices for Prescription Drugs, which seeks to impose pricing constraints on generic drug manufacturers. While working […]

Investor Business Daily: A War On Science Is Bad Environmental Policy

Environmental regulation must follow science, not blacklist chemicals based on incomplete information. This article discusses how some U.S. state policymakers are blindly importing the worst of the EU’s regulations without scrutinizing the underlying reasoning.  In essence, they are perpetuating policies that damage our economy, hurt consumers, waste energy and cost lives.  To read this article, […]