WASHINGTON, DC – As Google faces potential antitrust action in Europe for abuse of its dominance in the search market, along with an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) , as well as the recent decision by the FTC to levy the largest fine against a private company, for knowingly bypassing privacy settings […]

An Analysis of Market Power in the PBM Market

Express Scripts and Medco, the two largest pharmacy benefit manager (PBMs), have proposed merging.  PBMs manage prescription drug plans for sponsors (corporations, governments and unions), acting as a middleman between the sponsors, drug manufacturers and pharmacies.  This ConsumerGram analyzes the nature of the market and the potential risks that may result from the merger.  To […]

Consumer Watchdog Raises Concerns About Google’s Monopolization of Digital Works

Kudos to Consumer Watchdog, which filed a amicus curiae brief with the court detailing the ongoing problems with the proposed Google Book Settlement.  The brief points to anticompetitive risks, constitutional and other important issues.   ACI agrees and would emphasize the major risks to be the monopolization of “orphan works” and potential market power in the “book search” market. To read Consumer Watchdog brief […]

Facts about Market Power and Profits in the Internet Space

The Federal Communications Commission is now engaged in a broad review of the nation’s broadband performance and policy, including the possibility of new government regulations to achieve broadband goals. Indeed, the Commission is charged by Congress with the responsibility for formulating and submitting by February next year a National Broadband Strategy or Plan. Chairman Julius […]