ACI and Heartland Institute Held a Capitol Hill Event on How to Cut Medicare and Medicaid Costs Without Sacrificing Services

Brent Wilkes, Executive Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, spoke at ACI’s Capitol Hill sponsored event.  Other speakers included Peter Cramton (University of Maryland Economics Professor) and Steve Grist (Assistant Attorney General of Virginia).

Bidding Farewell: How the Medicare Auctions Could Severely Reduce Durable Medical Equipment Supplies and Harm Homebound Elderly Patients

By Erwin A. Blackstone and Joseph P. Fuhr Jr.[1] In January 2011, Medicare began a program that employed a competitive bidding auction in an attempt to constrain prices for durable medical equipment and supplies (DMEPOS).  However, there are other factors besides price — such as quality and level of service — that need to be […]