Physician Control over Electronic Health Records

Technical questions on how to build and store an electronic health record (EHR) are trivial compared with the more visceral issues of who should own it, what it should contain, and who can input into it.  By 2012, 70% of physicians had faced those questions, made tentative decisions, and taken on an EHR system. Today, […]

Medical Device Taxes

Last week, the Senate voted to repeal a controversial tax found within the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The tax was a 2.3% levy on medical devices, which, once in effect, is expected to generate almost $30 billion in tax dollars. The tax would hit nearly every medical device imaginable—pacemakers, syringes, CT scanning machines, and […]

Looking for Medicare Satisfied Doctors

About a third of Medicare beneficiaries find it difficult to find a doctor who will accept Medicare.  In 2008, 29% of Medicare beneficiaries seeking a new physician (of any specialty) had trouble finding a new physician who would take Medicare.  It is worse in some areas.  For example in 2008, 60% of the internists associated […]

What You Value Shapes What You Do

Our private sector medical community allocates organ donations taking into account the years of healthful life to be obtained for the recipient.  There are 10 waiting liver recipients for each liver.  To match need with scarce availability, the health of the donor and waiting recipients are very carefully considered.  Would-be recipients who are too ill […]

Medical Apps and Obamacare

As technology progresses, the promises of cheaper health care solutions to bring down health care costs becomes more real.  There’s a slew of new apps being created for mobile devices that could replace or supplement many of the functions that your doctor might fulfill today.  These apps, cheap to build and cheap to purchase, could […]

Don’t Let TV Pundits Change the Subject (Fiscal Cliff-Part 3)

As far as I can see, the Supreme Court Decision on the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) made no improvements to that flawed law, but it provided distractions from the ugliness of ACA.    First, the Court decision changed the name of the penalty for non-participation from a “fine” to a “tax” – the kind of trivial […]

FDA Impedes Medical App Development

As the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare looms, there are a few things that both sides of the political spectrum can generally agree on when it comes to health care—and one of them is the need for more and better technology, both for consumers and in the IT field, for the medical industry.  The introduction […]

Elements of an Authentic “Affordable Care Act” (Part 4)

This piece is the last of a four-part series (see parts 1, part 2 and part 3). on improving the nations healthcare while reducing its cost.  Earlier we discussed who can obtain health care coverage, what service coverage should be included and how pricing should be handled.  In this segment, we review some scams that […]

Elements of an Authentic “Affordable Care Act” (Part 2)

This commentary builds on yesterday’s piece (part 1) and looks at some ideas that can reduce total healthcare costs, while providing essential coverage. Today’s consumers are saddled with a $2.6 trillion health care system that we pay for directly in “out of pocket” installments, indirectly in current taxes and indirectly in future taxes that repay government […]

Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t

An important question behind today’s health care issues should be; what are the right screenings and treatments to pursue?   “Right” means those practices established as best by the most unbiased and medically competent practitioners.   But that was before politicians started hijacking the “right answers.” The key question behind health care issues has become; who should […]