Patriot News: Drug Affordability Boards Will Backfire, Harm Consumers

The coronavirus outbreak has become a worldwide emergency, and has led to serious concerns about medical shortages, including the availability of prescription drugs. While some states, including Pennsylvania, are trying to cap the price of prescription drugs, sometimes by creating so-called “affordability boards,” their policies will only lead to greater shortages and threaten public health. […]

An Approach to Health Care That Could Work Well

JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway and Amazon announced their intention to take on the challenge of improving health care for their employees, using a not-for-profit approach.  The trio’s announcement referred to the unbridled costs that need taming, and the role that technologies could play in delivering better, cheaper health care.  The trio’s mild statement jolted some […]

Pricing for Miracle Drugs

Another “miracle drug” has been reported – this time it is a lifelong vaccination for influenza.  We welcome the achievement and look forward to the benefits of a “once in a lifetime vaccination” that can protect us against the annual flu scare. Influenza viruses spread during cool periods leading to autumnal (or spring in southern […]

Hopes and Justification for Research into Genetic Disorders

The cost of US health care is about 17% of GDP and it is expected that there will be 35 million hospital admissions in 2017. In 2004, 133 million Americans lived with a chronic disease. Cost and suffering support aggressive research into prevention and treatment of infections, accidents and disorders. Three conditions — heart disease, […]

Hope for Cures, Despair from Costs

While the Hill labors over which health care interventions to cover and who must pay the tab, medical researchers continue with remarkable progress in understanding and treatments. Each year, there are breakthroughs that can save lives, restore failed organs or cure diseases. Medical progress is reported tentatively at first based on effectiveness in mice or […]

Savings from a Trillion in Health Costs

Some of the government decisions that push Americans toward the brink of sanity are in healthcare policies that can and should be reversed.  With forethought and some political courage, better health policies can be adopted that allow consumers to make better arrangements and save substantially.  The following opportunities call for smarter government policies – they […]

ACA versus Miracle Healthcare Treatments

If doctors and patients take advantage of the steady stream of miracle treatments that restore function or save lives, the tab will be hideous.  Can Medicare, Medicaid and The Affordable Care Act (ACA) accommodate these costly treatments, or will government decide on some “sacrifices” to be made? Some organ transplants such as; heart ($658,000), lung, […]

The Politically Perverted New War on Drugs

Washington’s self-styled morality police are mugging for the camera while their agents intimidate suffering patients and prosecute physicians.  To distract from the brutality, they use high dollar word weasels to make it politically correct. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has instructed its Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to retarget the war on drugs and skip over […]

Defensive Medicine May Cost Consumers Money and Good Treatment

Doctors make mistakes.  There are misdiagnoses and inappropriate treatments in 15% of patient illnesses, which results in almost 100,000 deaths each year.  With yearly health care costs nearing $2.5 trillion, the 15% error rate suggests up to $375 billion may be spent in inappropriate treatments.        Doctors don’t understand medicine perfectly and they cannot predict all […]