Risky Business — Jailbreaking Your Devices

Unlocking or “jailbreaking” your mobile phone are actions that manufacturers wish you would never do, but it can allow consumers to move devises between wireless carriers.  For example, when the phone is unlocked it can be moved between carriers, i.e. between GSM carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T, or between CDMA carriers such as Sprint […]

Consumers Deserve Control Over Advertising on Wireless Devices

None of us hope for adverts to be pushed onto our mobile phones.  There is no toggle switch to suppress these invaders, not even a fenced area to keep them under control.  They can arrive anywhere; top and bottom page banners, interstitial adverts between items you actually asked for, and adverts stitched into apps that […]

American Consumers Pay 10 Cents per Minute Less and Use over 600 Minutes More than Their International Counterparts

Can 270 Million American Wireless Subscribers Be Wrong? Two years ago, a ConsumerGram summarized a number of statistical reports and found that the U.S. wireless market was lower priced, had more competition, provided more minutes per subscriber and had greater handset choice than any country in Europe, concluding that those calling for the adoption of […]

Bye-Bye Telephones?

We recently conducted an online survey of consumers asking the following question: “What communications device is most important in meeting your communications needs?”  The general direction of consumer preferences was not surprising, but the spread of their preferences for different devices tends to corroborate and magnify our impressions of the directions being taken under the influence of […]