Time for a Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium

A coalition of 42 companies, primarily independent nonprofit think tanks, sent a letter to the U.S. Senate calling for passage of a permanent Internet tax moratorium.  Failure for Congress to act in the next 60 days will lead to increased taxes for Internet consumers.  To read or print the letter, click here.  

Consumer Alert: Unless Congress Acts, We Are Six Months from Internet Taxation

Last month, representatives from dozens of organizations, including The American Consumer Institute, sent a letter to the leadership of several key committees that oversee various aspects of Internet regulation and economic activity. The letter implored the leadership of the importance of keeping the Internet free of taxation, something that is in jeopardy if the current […]

Stop Internet Taxation Forever: Christenson Writes in the Daily Caller

ACI’s Zack Christenson discusses how legislation, introduced yesterday, would benefit consumers and the economy.  The bill would permanently restrict new taxation on the Internet and digital commerce.  To see the op-ed, visit the Daily Caller.

Say No to Internet Taxation

For well over a decade, we’ve lived in a period where taxation of the Internet and data is virtually nonexistent. Thanks to a moratorium passed by Congress in 1998, it’s been illegal for state and local governments to impose any sort of tax or fee to access the Internet. Its purpose was to make sure […]