A Bad Deal For Consumers and Taxpayers–Heartland Institute Quotes ACI

This article by the Heartland Institute discusses the many problems with municipally provided broadband services — that they generally lose a lot of money, their participation crowds out private investment and services, and they typically shift their financially losses to consumers and taxpayers. The article quotes an expert from ACI.

Government failure as a Broadband Service Provider

The empirical evidence shows that the public provision of private goods, such as broadband services, often leads to: unprofitable operations that push the recovery of losses to taxpayers and to other public services; and barriers to entry which displace and crowd out private investment. The result is anticompetitive and it raises consumer costs. Evidence shows […]

FORBES: Taxpayer Thrashings Will Continue Until Muni Networks End

A recent University of Pennsylvania Law School and Penn’s Center for Technology study only confirms what we have already known for some time. As we have written before and again, and based on the long list of previous municipal failures identified in FCC filings, government-run monopolies are bad investments for consumers and taxpayers. This piece, […]

Heartland Institute Quotes ACI on Municipal Broadband Failures

Repeating History — Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute, says taxpayer-funded Internet service leads to higher tax bills. “I think the thing that consumers need to know, is that when you look at all the empirical evidence, time and time again the public provision of private goods such as broadband services seems to […]

Easy to Build But Prone to Serious Losses

With enough IT engineering talent, equipment, and access to an Internet network access point or other interconnection agreements, any community can build a government broadband network.  With a coherent and stable set of goals, and with the right quality and amount of management and technical staff, anyone can operate a community broadband network.  But that’s […]

Broadband at Government Speeds: ACI in Real Clear Policy

Have you ever waited in line at a municipal government office and wondered how much faster private firms are in transacting business with the public?  Well, the line for Internet services may be getting much longer, if the FCC gets its way.     At the National Cable Show early this month, The FCC’s Chairman, Tom Wheeler, […]