Municipal Broadband Failure

For years now, many city and local governments have gotten into the municipal broadband game—spending taxpayer dollars to create broadband networks that hope to compete with private providers. The goal of these programs was to build an Internet service that replaces the need for private investment, usually with the help municipal tax dollars. The municipal […]

ACI Files Comments on FCC Petition

The FCC is considering a petition filed by two municipal-run broadband networks that asked the FCC to preempt state laws that limit the expansion of government-owed networks.  Today, ACI filed its comments pointing out how many of these networks are mismanaged, unprofitable and costly for consumers and taxpayers, as well as posing anticompetitive risks.  ACI’s comments are filed with the […]

The Costly Truth of Municipal Broadband Networks

Last week, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) released a new study which examined the costs and benefits of municipal broadband programs.  Municipal broadband, for the uninitiated, is government financed Internet that would be provided to a community, free of charge, though financed through tax dollars.  Most would agree that providing access to high-speed Internet access […]

Municipal Wi-Fi: A Proven Failure

In late 2007, the cities of Mooresville and Davidson, North Carolina outbid several private companies to purchase an ailing broadband provider in the area. The newly socialized service required that the city borrow more than $92 million to fund the acquisition.  Meanwhile, government officials claimed the plan would bring equality in access and increased revenue […]

Consumer Welfare in Public and Private Broadband Network Investment: What Should Be in the Economic Stimulus Package?

A recent story in the telecom trade press quoted spokesmen for consumer organizations in opposition to including tax credits for broadband network infrastructure providers as part of the President-elect’s economic stimulus package now being shaped in Congress. One stated: “Telecom companies should not get tax breaks to build out broadband networks…Money should go to state […]