The Music Modernization Act – Fair Treatment for Songwriters and Performance Artists

The days of widespread music piracy on the internet are largely gone. That shameful period of lawless behavior stripped income from songwriters and performance artists. The early use of digital audio sharing services such as Napster seldom honored copyrights and some consumers gorged on downloaded music for free. In contrast, today’s popular and law-abiding music […]

Fair Play: Just Another Song And Dance

As sales of music records and other physical recordings have steadily been replaced by digital copies downloaded to computers and to other electronic devices, there has been a push to increase the royalties that radio stations pay for the use of copyrighted music. The latest push is the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act of 2015 […]

Pay That Tune

Internet and digital radio, once an afterthought in the Internet startup ecosystem, is now a booming business.  There is satellite radio, cable TV radio, Pandora, Spotify, and even iRadio, a new streaming music service from Apple.  SiriusXM has boomed, with revenue of $897 million in the first quarter of this year and increasing its subscriber […]