ACI Files with the FCC on “Restoring Internet Freedom”

Today, ACI filed comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) docket seeking to refresh the record in its “Restoring Internet Freedom” order. In our comments, ACI commended the FCC’s efforts to support light-touch regulations, which preserves an open Internet and promotes consumer choice and benefits for consumers. You can read the entire filing online.

Morning Consult: We Need to Stop Turning a Blind Eye on the Real Threat

We’ve been having essentially the same debate about who controls the internet for more than a decade now, and while we continue to have the same conversations, intervening events that threaten our security and democracy are becoming more rampant. A policy solution that deals with privacy and neutrality needs to be comprehensive and look at […]

ACI Applauds the Court Decision to Uphold Rules for an Open and Free Internet

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding today’s decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on the Mozilla v. FCC case: “Today, the D.C. Circuit Court upheld the FCC’s latest order to keep an open and free Internet, instead of reverting back to onerous 1930’s […]

American Consumer Institute Statement on H.R. 1644, “Save the Internet Act”

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding today’s the House of Representative’s vote to increase regulations on internet services: “The passing of the “Save the Internet Act” in the House of Representatives today is not the innovative policy change the internet needs but rather a step […]

Light Touch Internet Regulations Worked

When will policymakers learn from the mistakes of the past? When broadband services began to explode since the mid-1990s, it did so with little regulation. In 2015, when the FCC imposed onerous net neutrality regulations, it was no surprise that industry investment fell. With the reversal of these regulations last year, however, broadband spending jumped, […]

Network Neutrality Circus in the Big Tent

The midterm election may have been exhumed the worst regulatory pox ever seen in the high-tech world – network neutrality. If you venture far left in the Congress, you’ll stumble into a network neutrality caucus gearing up to re-impose network neutrality. Network neutrality has a disturbing history. In 2005, it started as a few useful […]

Inside Sources: Despite Doomsday Predictions, Broadband Investment is Up After End of Net Neutrality

In the months leading up to the end of net neutrality last June, you may have heard dire predictions that the move would “destroy everything that makes the internet great” and constitutes “a body blow to innovation and free expression.” But, the evidence shows otherwise.  Read this op-ed in Inside Sources. Despite Doomsday Predictions, Broadband Investment […]

Net Neutrality, The Undead

Since the 1990s, there has been controversy over whether it should be permissible for an Internet Services Provider (ISP) to charge a customer more for faster delivery of its content to its consumers.  The theme of every customer’s traffic being treated equally is named Net Neutrality.  The FCC twice adopted Net Neutrality regulations to prevent […]

FORBES: Facts are Stubborn Things – Understanding the Hysteria Surrounding Net Neutrality

Net neutrality. We’ve probably all seen social media posts, emails, and/or texts on this issue. Not that it isn’t important; it most certainly is. But the core component of this issue—the best policy path forward to ensure an open Internet that is positioned for unfettered growth—continues to be muddled by hysteria. To read this entire […]