Prior Hypocrisy Doesn’t Restrain Current Chicanery

Netflix seeks to enlist the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a fellow traveler in its fantasy of flat-pricing Internet access.  In this latest attack on other firms, it wants the FCC to ban Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from using “data caps,” i.e. charging for total amount of Internet data transferred above some threshold. Landline ISPs […]

How Sustainable is Binge Watching?

“Binge” watching is watching multiple movies or multiple episodes of a TV series in a single sitting.  Three quarters of streaming service consumers say they “binge watch” at least some of the time.  Delighted by an extensive library of movies and TV series, many are able to see an episode they missed or something they […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Netflix Free Lunch

Last month, Netflix announced an agreement whereby it would pay Comcast to boost Internet speed and reliability for the companies’ joint customers. Soon after, Netflix said it would be entering into similar agreements with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This comes after years of struggle between Netflix and other content providers and the ISPs, with […]

The Net Neutrality Loophole

Last week, Netflix announced that it had added 2 million subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2012, bringing their total subscriber base to 33.3 million people, 27.1 million of them in the United States.  What’s fueling this steady increase in subscribers has a lot to do with consumers viewing habits, but also in how Netflix […]

Some Think It is OK for the Government to Do What Net Neutrality Would Prevent Others from Doing

Last week, Mark Cooper, director at the Consumer Federation of America, proposed a “Netflix tax.” The tax would make content providers, like Netflix, pay into the troubled United Service Fund (USF) in order to help pay for broadband infrastructure in rural and low-income areas.  Another idea, Net Neutrality, posits that ISPs should not have major […]