Town Hall: New York Should Ditch “Big Is Bad”

While much of the political attention around antitrust reform has centered on the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, legislators at the state level are also proposing punitive reforms that continue to articulate an outdated presumption that “big is bad.” New York, the state home to 54 Fortune 500 companies, is currently considering antitrust legislation to enshrine “big is […]

Justice Served: NY Supreme Court Rejects NY AG’s Flimsy Case Against ExxonMobil

At the core of this case is a now notorious New York State law called the Martin Act. The Martin Act is a New York-specific statute that has recently found use as a political sledgehammer for the state attorney general. Originally passed by state lawmakers in 1921 as an anti-fraud measure to regulate the sale and […]

Regulators Seem Inclined To Mess With Insurance Rates

The never-ending friction between common sense and political meddling has metastasized into needless automobile insurance regulation.  The New York State Department of Financial Services has started probing the legitimacy of considering occupation as a factor in setting automobile insurance rates.  In order to get the right prices, i.e. prices that reflect anticipated claims cost, insurance […]