North Carolina Drivers Deserve Transparency and Competitive Prices

Several years back, the American Consumer Institute conducted a survey and found that 80% of North Carolina drivers would oppose any plan that to make good drivers pay more so that risky drivers could pay less. That is not surprising, considering better drivers tend to have fewer accidents and violations, making them less risky and […]

ABC-TV Charlotte: ACI Discusses Hidden Auto Fees

North Carolina has the only Rate Bureau system in the country that regulates auto insurance rates.  The outmoded regulatory regime imposes a hidden fee on good auto drivers to subsidy the rates of more risky auto drivers.  The issue has come up recently on several local TV stations, and most recently on ABC-affiliate WSOC in […]

ACI in Ocala Starbanner: Florida Prep for the Storm

While there is no preventative measure to stop a hurricane from reaching Florida, preparation is paramount and it requires going beyond buying generators and stocking up on batteries, bread and water. It requires financial preparation, which is something that Florida leadership has been focused on in recent years. In March, Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the […]

Welfare for the Rich: ACI in Real Clear Policy

Federal and some state insurance programs are out of control. A new study finds that Florida’s biggest homeowner’s insurer – state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) – has been disproportionately subsidizing rich coastal homeowners, compared to other homeowners in the state. The statistical study, conducted by professors at the University of Chicago and University of […]

Letter to NC House: Auto Rates Increases are Punitive

Dear Representative: Some of us have heard claims that North Carolina, compared to other states, has the lowest auto insurance rates in the country.  However, few know that the data supporting these claims cover only consumers with spotless driving records who drive brand new cars. The reality is that these consumers are few and far […]

Property Insurance: What Happens After the NC Hearing?

The Homeowners Insurance Rate Hearing finally began last week in Raleigh after being threatened by the North Carolina state Insurance Commissioner Goodwin back in January. It was pretty clear that unless the Rate Bureau and the member insurers withdrew the request, there would be a hearing. Since the leadership of the Rate Bureau believes its […]

NC Needs to Do a Better Job of Protecting Foster Parents

Foster parents provide their time and love to protect the most vulnerable in our state. It is time for the General Assembly to help protect the foster parents. To read or print the entire op-ed, visit the Raleigh News and Observer.  For more information, contact us at [email protected]  

Growing Market of Last Resort

The Ferguson riots and resulting damage are a sad reminder of the race riots in the 1960s.  Once the rioting and destruction subsides, the difficult process of rebuilding begins.  Following the riots in the 1960s, property owners in urban regions had trouble obtaining financing to rebuild due to the lack of insurance.  Insurance companies were […]

ACI in Charlotte Observer: NC Auto Insurance System is Price Fixing

There has been some disagreement on how North Carolina’s auto insurance regulations affect consumers.  Those favoring the current system say that it keeps auto insurance rates low, while opponents say that it is an arcane regulatory system that stifles competition and requires good drivers to pay a hidden tax so that riskier drivers can pay […]