Will ACA Become a Mere Thought Experiment?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010.  Provisions for mandatory acceptance despite pre-existing conditions and limits on the portion of premiums that insurers may spend on “other than health care” were effective early.  A token few price adjustments for medical services were imposed, reflecting lobbying prowess more than meaningful cost cutting.  But the big […]

Healthcare: Pitting Americans against Each Other

The American public will soon be wedged into the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a forklift replacement for the healthcare system that consumers use today.  In this new health care regime, the roles of provider, patient, and payer will be further segregated into winners and losers.  Those postures are a direct result of Congress’ 2010 choice […]

Health Care: If We’re Paying, We Expect Results

In their panic to author health care legislation, Congress left cost containment on the cloakroom floor.  If the actual premiums, provider payments, related federal and state spending and subsidies had been calmly publicized before voting in 2010, prudent legislators would have tabled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care bill (ACA). As we approach 2014, few […]

Coming to a Health Plan Near You

CVS recently adopted a wellness review as prerequisite for employee healthcare coverage.  If the employee refuses to reveal weight, height, age and other health indicators to the health insurer, health insurance can still be had – but at a $600 penalty.  Employer arm twisting on health insurance has been common for a decade – especially […]

RATIONING: Does Medicare’s 30-day Readmission Policy Qualify?

Medicare covers about one seventh of the US population.  Because Medicare pays just half of seniors total health care costs and healthcare costs are rising faster than inflation, seniors see their future costs snowballing. Indeed, seniors’ out of pocket health care costs will soon equal their social security benefits.  Medicare wage taxes and Medicare beneficiary […]

Medical Apps and Obamacare

As technology progresses, the promises of cheaper health care solutions to bring down health care costs becomes more real.  There’s a slew of new apps being created for mobile devices that could replace or supplement many of the functions that your doctor might fulfill today.  These apps, cheap to build and cheap to purchase, could […]

Don’t Let TV Pundits Change the Subject (Fiscal Cliff-Part 3)

As far as I can see, the Supreme Court Decision on the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) made no improvements to that flawed law, but it provided distractions from the ugliness of ACA.    First, the Court decision changed the name of the penalty for non-participation from a “fine” to a “tax” – the kind of trivial […]

Affordable Care Act Taxes are Bad Medicine for an Ailing Economy

As everyone by now knows, last week’s Supreme Court ruling affirmed what many critics have been saying about the Affordable Care Act —that it’s a tax that will hit the poor and middle class the hardest.  In the wake of the ruling many groups, including those that call themselves free market, have if not applauded, […]