The Hill: Time for Congress to address digital privacy

Friday’s headline reported that Marriott’s computer records were hacked, exposing information on 500 million of their hotel guests. The problem of compromised online data is rampant. In the first nine months of 2018, cyber breaches exposed 3.8 billion customer records according to Risk Based Security. Only this past October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s […]

You Are Not Paranoid – Advertising Trackers Are After You

On both sides of the Atlantic, Google and Facebook are facing a backlash from privacy-sensitive consumers and from regulators.  “By a ratio of more than 6 to 1, U.S. online consumers are unwilling to trade their personal data, even anonymously, for the sake of being served ads that online advertisers think are more relevant to […]


SURVEY RESULTS 1. The explosive growth in Internet is raising privacy concerns among consumers who worry about the collection and use of their personal information by some technology companies like Google, Facebook and others.  To what extend do you trust online companies with your personal information? A.    Completely trust (2%) B.     Somewhat trust (33%) C.     […]